Monday, September 20, 2010

If my children could click "like"

Here are some brief introductions, for both my readers.

This is Rose:

Rose likes ballet, swimming, balloons (preferably pink), Barbie (ditto), singing You Are My Sunshine at her baby brother in a raucous voice, tickling and being tickled, cartoons, chocolate cake, ice cream and - she just told me - electricity. I didn't ask.

This is Max:

Max likes food.

The best way to feed him is quickly. The best thing to feed him is all of it. Quickly. Count your fingers before and afterwards. Fear his terrible, terrible hunger.

The Max has awoken. I must go to service his needs. Soon he will be ready to eat human flesh. I hope to survive by appeasing his hunger.


  1. You need to blog more! I love this and you are sooo funny!

  2. That's very kind of you! I will make an effort soon.

  3. Awesome blog Trouty, pray continue! Hitherto I've tried to explain this stuff to people, now I'll just send them here.